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                        Emergency Help By Telephone!!

         If you are in a serious or desperate situation and will accept help

        by prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ, the ministries listed below

        will be able to assist you. (Please note that this list is validated at intervals.).  The days and hours during which the Prayer Lines operate may be changeable, but the "800" number  will probably remain at 24/7.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Kenneth Copeland Ministries// Telephone:  1-817-852-6000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  2) The 700 Club// Telephone:  1-800-759-0700-

-3) Morris Cerullo Ministries// Telephone: 1-866-756-4200

4)  Richard Roberts Ministries// Telephone: 1- 918-495-7777 

5) Marilyn Hickey Ministries// Telephone:  1-877-661-1249

6) R.W. Schambach Ministries// Telephone:  1-903-825-9361

            Don't despair!! Help is close at