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    CHRISTIANS ARE PERSECUTED FOR THEIR FAITH TODAY!! If you are already a Christian, you probably are aware of this. If you are not, however, then it will be news to you to hear that in the world which you have been told is so enlightened and has been so improved, in many countries people who are otherwise law-abiding and have fine morals have been imprisoned  solely for their belief in Jesus Christ!



Nations such as China, North Korea, Iran, the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Vietnam are among the worst violators of the rights of Christians. Their government representatives of course, protest that they are doing no such thing.  However,  Stalin and the Communist Party hierarchy in the Soviet Union during the 1930's also denied that they had discriminated against Christians, statements which subsequently proved to be totally false. 

        Today we have incontrovertible evidence that massive persecution of a violent and deadly nature routinely took place in the Soviet Union during those years, as a matter of Communist Party policy which faithfully adhered to Marxist-Leninist doctrine. This is taking place in China today, for the same basic reason. It was also true that in Germany during this time-period when Hitler and the Nazi Party were rising to power, some of their earliest victims were Bible-believing Christians who were targeted according to Hitler's plans for conquest.

    It will be found true in every instance in the present and all throughout history, that the degree of hostility towards Christianity in a given country is an accurate indicator of the degree of real civilization which that nation or people possess, at the time. (I.E., more hostility equals less civilization).

                The faith of Jesus Christ is like a lamp which lights up the darkness and from this illumination of the Gospel, comes true freedom! This is how real liberty entered into the western world, and wherever else the gospel was planted.

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