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Bible Prophecy is one of the most powerful features of the Holy Scriptures! It is entirely unmatched by any other book or writing in the world throughout all of human history. It involves the prediction of future events which only God knows; however, the Bible reveals that He is willing to share some of this knowledge with people.

             When dealing with the realm of Propheis very important to distinguish between Written Bible Prophecy  on the one hand, and verbal prophecy on the other. Click Here To See Some Of Our Verbal Prophecies!

Written Bible Prophecy always comes to pass! It never fails! Any prophetic Scripture either has already happened or is certain to happen in the future. It is impossible for a Bible prediction to be proven untrue, and history confirms this very well. Christians understand this, but if you are not a Christian you will learn that this is true either the easy way, or the hard way. It is much better to learn it the easy way by believing God! Nations have been destroyed because they refused to believe the Bible's prediction of future events.

    Some examples of Bible prophecies in the past that have been proven accurate are:

            1) The prediction that Israel would be held     captive in Egypt for 430 years

            2) The prediction that Israel would be held captive in Babylon for 70 years

            3) The predictions that the Jewish people would not remain in Exile permanently but would after a long time, return to the Land Of Israel; that the Land itself would be restored from a wasted and barren condition to become flourishing; that the city of Jerusalem would be taken out of the control of gentile (non-Jewish) powers and come under Israeli control.             

             4) The prediction that the kingdom of Tyre would be destroyed (Tyre, formerly located near Lebanon, was once a sea-going power of importance).

            5) The prediction that Egypt, formerly a great imperial power, would become a "base nation"; that is, an unimportant power. This must have been very startling in its time but the truth of it can be seen today: The Egyptian leader Gamel Abdul Nasser had grandiose dreams of reviving Egypt as a major world power....and failed miserably. Egypt will never be a major power again.

            6) The prediction that the city of Babylon would be destroyed, and never be built again. These prophecies were given at the height of the reign of the Babylonian Empire and probably, very few people at the time believed them. Nevertheless it came to pass! Babylon was destroyed and has never again amounted to anything. Very recently, Saddam Hussein imagined that he would raise up Babylon and become a modern Nebuchadnezzar. He ended up by being executed and Babylon is still in ruins. (It should be noted that Saddam Hussein's determination to go against Bible prophecy, directly figured into the low casualty rates taken by America and its allies in the two desert wars. GOD GOT INVOLVED!)


            7) The predictions that the Messiah (Jesus of Nazareth) would appear in history at a specific time before the destruction of Israel's Second Temple; that he would be virgin-born; that he would be the Incarnation of God (Isaiah 9:6); that he would be crucified; that he would not be suffering this for any crimes that he had done.


            8) The prediction that the church of Jesus Christ would once again become powerful and important. If you are not a Christian, you might be surprised at this since you probably think that the church had great power during the Middle Ages. This is not so. The religious institution that held sway in those periods had greatly departed from the Holy Scriptures and anyone who dared to preach the truth of the Gospel, or the Bible, was burned at the stake or otherwise killed or punished. This is historically verifiable and easy to confirm from many paper trails.

  (Contrary to popular and academic opinion, there never was a religious question here. The difference was not between Catholic and Protestant; the difference was simply between those who believed the Bible and the words of Jesus, and those who didn't. If you don't think this is true, you should spend time listening to Christian radio and television today, and you will find that the evangelists and teachers are constantly exhorting the Christians to return to Biblical truth. There is no religious problem here.) The truth is that for a very long time, the church of Jesus Christ was weak and subterranean, persecuted and far from being a major factor in the affairs of nations. New Testament Christianity had in fact  faded from the public view and, with the exception of  periodic reformers who rose and fell like rockets, the world had little opportunity to remember the Gospels.

                                        9) The prediction that Alexander the Great's empire would be divided into four parts after his death.

                  10) The rise of Apostasy or a turning-away from Christianity, which is very visible in the world today 

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