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The bible tells us that there is a creator;

            "In the beginning god created the heaven and the earth" (genesis 1:1)

Science  also says there is a creator!

    How can we  ignore the evidence? With the entire 20th century now behind us, how can we ignore the enormous amount of raw scientific data that was brought to light , and continues to be revealed in the 21st century?

    What the physical and natural sciences showed us during the unfolding of the 20th century, using instruments of increasing power and delicacy, was an apparently unlimited universe in the external realm of stars, planets and galaxies, and internally in the microscopic world of atoms, electrons and sub-atomic particles, a similar display of creativity, design, engineering  and wonder which makes anything that humanity has ever produced, pale in comparison!

        Go to the websites of scientists who

        believe the bible and find out the  truth!

            (WWW.ICR.ORG) (The Institute for

                                Creation  research)

            ( WWW.CREATIONEVIDENCE.ORG                      (             The Creation  EVIDENCE mUSEUM)

 The actual findings of the telescope and the microscope are the elementary information that we should base our conclusions on, not the fictional language of a doctrine called "evolution" which AT NO TIME in its brief history has ever had any contact with reality.

If you think that this statement is absurd, it is because you have never read the books of the Creation scientists or heard their lectures. Just about all of us who are alive now in the industrialized societies have been indoctrinated by evolutionary theories in school, and so we never question it. BUT...........

The planets are THERE, and the galaxies are THERE, and the atoms are THERE, and the DNA is THERE and the question which needs to be answered is.....Who put them there?

The reason that we say "Who" is that only a Person can account for organized structure, design, planning, engineering ability, originality and beauty.

Do you doubt this? Then  consider the overwhelming evidence for this logic in the human world that we know about and can  investigate. For example, when you see a Hershey chocolate bar in the supermarket, do you immediately come to the conclusion that there is no Hershey factory that manufactures the chocolate bars? Further, did you ever see a factory that was able to function without human workers? The existence of automated factories  cannot refute this line of thought, since it obviously took the planning and labor of human beings to make it, in the first place. The Hershey chocolate bar is one of millions of items that are the product of planned and directed human initiative and energy and could never have come into existence on a random basis, as evolution suggests.

Therefore the very fact of the Hershey chocolate bar INSTANTLY tells you of the existence, somewhere of the people who made it.

Let's take another example, that of the Ford Mustang automobile. Suppose a fervent devotee of evolution went out to the Ford plant where the Mustang cars are being assembled and approached the workers on the assembly line, saying something like:

                                            "Okay folks, you can go home now. I believe in evolution and you can take my word for it; your labor here isn't necessary at all. Natural Selection will put these cars together! Go on home and get a good rest."

No sane person of course, would try a stunt like that. People have been put under psychiatric observation for such behavior. It would be immediately obvious to the workers in the Mustang plant, and to any thinking person, that if the people did not do their work, no Mustang auto would ever come onto the market. If the automotive designer had not done his job in the first place, there would have been no car for the line workers to assemble.

And yet, the Big Lie of "evolution" has gotten away with this same argument for more than 100 years!

We see the Hershey bar, evolutionists say, and so we are very certain that there is no Hershey chocolate factory. We see the Mustang automobile, and so we know for sure that there could not be a Ford Mustang plant!