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              ".....THE DAYS ARE AT HAND,


VISION"   (Ezekiel 12:23b)                          



Before dealing with the future of the world and nations according to Bible prophecy, what about your future?

What's going to happen to you?

Actually, the most important part of your future is very simple to determine. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ according to the Scripture and continue in faith until the end, you will be in Heaven forever! If you are not, then you won't. We are talking about your eternal destiny here. If you do not make Heaven then there is only one other place that you can go to, and if you are an American you have probably heard what that is. If you were born in the 1980's or afterwards though, you may have heard wrong information about hell. There are no parties in hell. It is a place of nightmares that never end, and unutterable torment which goes on forever. You see, the human spirit (which is the real you!) is not extinguished when the body is buried but must continue FOREVER! Hell is not an alternative to Heaven! Don't go there! (Luke 16:23)

What about your future in this life now? All we can tell you is that if you receive Jesus into your heart and live for Him, the difference will be similar to passing from the night into the day! The specific features of a Christian's life is between the person and God to work out.....but if you want an adventure, this is it!  There is no greater adventure than to live a real Christian life, in spite of what you may have heard. What's more, there is no other way to be righteous and to be blessed.


        It's way ahead of them! This is the great value of Biblical prophecy, that it reveals events before they happen and not just afterwards as journalism does. However everything that you are reading in your daily paper does indeed correspond with what the Bible says would happen, in one way or the other, as the result of people following after sin or after righteousness. However, when we begin dealing with events which -have not yet happened but which are predicted, we find such items as are listed below.

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                    1) The Soon-Coming Russian-led Invasion of Israel


             3) Will there ever be _PEACE__ between Israel and the Arabs?


                    5) WILL YOU BE BRANDED like a steer?

                    6) THE GREAT MISSING PERSONS HUNT!





If you read the Old Testament, you will find this soon-to-come Russian-led invasion of Israel, in the book of the prophet Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39. All Bible prophecy always comes to pass, and since this particular invasion has never yet is on the way! Although some of the participants are rather difficult to identify at this time, others are easier. For example Libya and Ethiopia are pretty self-evident, although the boundaries may not be exactly the same. Persia is now called Iran and will be part of the enemy attacking force. This murderous assault will be totally defeated, at tremendous cost to the aggressors (five-sixths of them will die) . The role of the United States in this battle is not clear; certain powers are seen as "protesting" the invasion but what this will mean at the time is not definitely known. This will of course, alter the balance of power in the world. It may be part of World War Three. At the time of this writing (November 2008) Russia has been getting more belligerent, is obviously intent on regaining its status as a major power, and is forming new alliances. The stage is being set!




 Most Americans, and perhaps others, would not have believed that the nations of Europe could succeed in uniting. Since the break-up of the Holy Roman Empire they have been better known for quarrelling and making war with one another. But the Bible has predicted for a very long time that in the closing phase of history these European nations would once again unify. In such key places as the Book of Daniel (Old Testament), chapters 2 and 7;  and the Book of Revelation (New Testament), chapters 13 and 17, a group of ten countries are mentioned as being connected with a sinister purpose. Bible scholarship associates these nations with the ancient Roman Empire which is prophesied to rise again at the end of history in a diabolical form. The connection of the old Roman Empire which was the destroying power of Israel's Second Temple  (seen in Daniel 9:26) and the final form of this revived entity (seen in Daniel 9:27)  will come to pass when the False Christ (popularly called in Christian circles, the Anti-Christ and in the Bible known as the Beast) comes to sufficient prominence to make a seven-year political treaty with Israel. Unfortunately if you are an American, the preludes to this infamous treaty have been seen in the various agreements which the United States has been brokering between Israel and the Palestinians. This does not mean that the False Christ will be an American; almost certainly he will not be. What it most likely reveals is that the European Confederacy will take up where the U.S. will leave off, as the "broker" of "peace in the Middle East".

              If it has not happened by the time that you read this, then we will make a future prediction that the United States will, for a number of reasons, cease to be the middleman in the counterfeit "peace process". This will of course, signal a basic change in the balance of power.

The question then arises concerning the number of European countries which will comprise this final, deadly form of the Roman Empire. As we mentioned above, ten is the number of which the Bible speaks. As of this writing (December 18, 2008) there are considerably more than ten in the EU. However, this is not essentially important because there are without doubt, great changes occurring in European politics of which we are not yet aware, and we do not have to be very sophisticated to realize that there must be strong internal conflicts in that organization, concerning its ultimate purpose. The group's name may be changed again, as well as its constituency. Some have even suggested that the critical ten nations may function as an inner core of the EU. Nonetheless, it will be seen that ten nations, almost certainly European, will coalesce into the union which the Holy scriptures predicts, and will do the evil which prophesy says they will do. This will be the most malevolent Power that the world has ever seen, and will be America's worst enemy.



No, there will very definitely not be any real peace in the Middle East until after the destruction of the entire world system and the inauguration of the true Millenium when Jesus of Nazareth will rule on the earth. In fact this entire phony peace issue has now become transparent as a code-term for the destruction of Israel which, if God were not involved, would pretty certainly succeed. However, God is centrally involved because He has already said what is going to happen in the Bible, and we can predict with perfect confidence that regardless of how many enemies plot or fight against Israel, Israel will not be destroyed!

         There will however be a period, probably about three and a half-years which may indeed appear to be a peaceful time for Israel and the Middle East. This can be seen in such revealing verses as Ezekiel 38:8, 38:11, 38:14 which show Israel as being in a condition of apparent peace and safety which is very far from being the case up until now, at the time of this writing. The period of 3 1/2 years can be inferred from verses like Daniel 9:27 in which the World Dictator (False Christ) makes a seven year Treaty with Israel, but breaks the Treaty at the mid-point, after 3 1'2 years. Bible scholars and students understand that under the temporary protection of this Anti-Christ ruler, the nation of Israel will enjoy a brief period of what will appear at the time to be peace.....but will in fact be deception and treachery, an attempt to get Israel to lower its guard. Unfortunately this diabolical tactic will be successful. However in all of these intrigues, there will not be any true peace at all.



A Christian writer named Gordon Lindsay who lived earlier in the Twentieth century and who founded "Christ For The Nations" in Texas, has written that Adolf Hitler was the forerunner of the AntiChrist or the coming World Dictator. I believe that this is essentially true and that if you wanted to get an idea of what this dictator will be like, you should study the rise and fall of Hitler, and his character and methods. At the time when the Nazis were in power and reports were beginning to leak out of Germany about the atrocities being committed, many people simply did not believe it. Because the first part of the 20th century was dominated by humanist beliefs, it was too often assumed that people had changed and that such evil was no longer possible. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that this view was very wrong and foolish, because the reality in Germany was even worse than the reports had indicated.


    The major point about the dictator is that he will be a counterfeit of Jesus Christ and most of the world will accept him as the Christ. He is called antichrist because he will deny both the Son (Jesus) and the Father (God) and will come in his own name. That is he will not pretend to humble himself under God but will rather exalt himself. Adolf Hitler fundamentally followed this course. .His conduct towards God and Jesus however will be far worse, because the dictator will be a blasphemer of all that is holy.  His political and military instincts will appear uncanny and will confound the experts (as Hitler did) and for a set length of time he will have very great success in these areas.

 In my opinion, the False Prophet will be a counterfeit of the ancient Hebrew prophet named Elijah. There are reasons for making this assumption: first, if you do not accept the New Testament, the Old Testament ends in the prophet Malachi, who in chapter 4, verses 5 and 6 states that God will send the prophet Elijah before the Great Day of the Lord which the Bible understands to be the end of the world. Now, if someone did not accept what Jesus said about Elijah in the New Testament, he would be left still waiting for Elijah....which according to tradition, the Jewish people are. Secondly, the real Elijah was able to pray down consuming fire from Heaven, and there is a place in the Book of Revelation (chapter 13, verse 13) where the false prophet will appear to do something similar. To people who are just paying attention to the outlines of Old Testament history, this could well prove to be a deadly deception!

    It should be immediately noted that the False Prophet will never conform to the behavior or words of a real prophet of God, and if his words were compared to those of the ancient Old Testament prophets, the difference would be dramatically visible.-

The role of the False Prophet can basically be seen in Revelation 13:11-17, While the world dictator is a political and military leader, the false prophet is a religious leader, and people will think that he is a great man of God. He will use religious terminology, no doubt imitating the Bible in part, and will have the power to do what the Scripture calls "lying signs and wonders".......that is, phony miracles among which is the apparent fire from Heaven. I would like to make a point here, because in Christian circles it is usually assumed that his false miracles will be technological in nature......but in my opinion they will actually be based in the demonic supernatural!

IIn the United States and Europe and in other westernized countries, it has been some time in history since devils were allowed to operate freely, although in recent decades there have been definite signs of a rise in this kind of infernal activity. In a number of other countries they have been apparently working in the open all along! IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO SUPPRESS DEMONIC ACTIVITY. THE MORE DEMONS CAN DO IN A COUNTRY, THE MORE HUMAN BEINGS WILL SUFFER AND FREEDOM WILL BE LOST. AMERICA AND EUROPE ARE PAYING DEARLY FOR ALLOWING THE KINGDOM OF SATAN TO INCREASE. I believe that the False Prophet will be relying on the power of devils rather than on technology when he performs his lying miracles, but most people will not be able to tell the difference between the power of God and the power of satan and so will be deceived. If you do not know the differences here then you would naturally assume that anything supernatural was of God!

    It is the false prophet who persuades the world to make an image to the Beast (a Bible term for the world dictator that indicates his real nature), and in doing so to worship him as God. This is the worst sin that humanity can commit and will usher in the final Judgments of God upon a human race that has totally corrupted itself.



This is a very difficult thing for me to write, but if Christians don't tell the truth, who will? The truth here is that if you do not get saved...that is receive Jesus Christ into your heart and life while the Church is still on the earth....after we leave you will be pretty shortly faced with the most horrible decision that you could ever imagine! This decision will be to either be branded with what the Bible calls "the mark of the beast" or literally starve to death because, without the identifying mark, no merchant will sell you any food! With as much sincerity as I possess, I ask you earnestly to understand and believe what I am writing here, because it is absolutely Biblical and it will come to pass.  This indelible, uneraseable mark on peoples' bodies will most likely be made by a laser device  or it will perhaps be in the form of a silicon chip imbedded under the skin, and will be placed in the person's right hand or in their foreheads (Book of Revelation 13:16,17). The supposed rationale behind it will be presented as a social and economic necessity. For a very long time in the last 2000 years these passages were viewed by many with great skepticism but as always, the Bible is proven accurate. Now in the era of technology it is easy to see how the mark of the beast can come about at the technical level and indeed, quite a few experiments of this nature have already been made on animals and perhaps even a few on people.

       It is essential for people to understand the public reasons that governments will give to justify such a drastic step. Indeed we are seeing the beginning of this excuse now; namely the increase of crime, electronic theft and especially identity theft. This non-erasable mark will contain pertinent data of each person and so, it will be thought, will frustrate criminals and bring about safety. However that is not the real reason! Regardless of the specific government's knowledge or intentions there are far deeper and more evil forces at work concerning this thing. The New Testament reveals the existence of a very real kingdom of darkness in the invisible spirit-realm, governed by Satan. It is the devil who is the actual architect of this fiendishly destructive idea.  It should be noted that in the Torah (the first Five Books of Moses in the Old Testament) there are strong warnings against printing any marks upon a person's skin or body. God is the original Creator of the human being and He doesn't want people to defile His handiwork with tattoos or any other kind of marks. It is a sinister development at this time in history to find otherwise respectable young people, even from the middle classes (and girls!) to exhibit tattoos in Europe and America. This is a sure sign that society is being softened up to receive the Mark Of The Beast. In the earlier American West, brands on a steer meant that the steer belonged to a particular person. The Mark of the Beast means the exact same thing and this is why God hates it so much!! People are not animals and they ought not to be branded! We are being told through the media that stronger and stronger means are necessary for ensuring the security of our personal identity. Since any card can be lost or stolen, it will seem that a more permanent step is required. BUT THIS IS TREMENDOUS DECEPTION!!  The tragedy of the human race is that it has gone from the frying pan into the fire, as the saying goes, in every generation; it attempts to compensate for one bad mistake by making another mistake that is even more serious.

           What it comes down to is this....the Mark of the Beast is the end of the trail. It will mean nothing less than that people have sold themselves to the devil, and it is possible that they will understand this at the time. The nations and people of the world will be here at the point of no return. Biblically speaking, there is no reprieve for this sin! It is said by some to be the unforgivable sin of the Great Tribulation. I have not seen in the Bible, nor have ever heard taught, that any person ccould take this evil Mark and afterwards get right with God. This shows how absolutely sinister it is.

    In the face of all this there are only two pieces of advice that I or any Christian could give: The first is by far the most important: GIVE YOUR HEAR AND LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST NOW!! Smart people will do this and avoid awful and unnecessary suffering. For those who come to Jesus now, before the church leaves the earth, there will be an escape route. However, not all people are smart and not all people will take this good advice and so, because of this we have to give a second warning in the strongest possible terms. If you are so unfortunate as to still be on the earth after the church departs....DON'T TAKE THE MARK!!!



The reader has probably noticed in previous passages that I have mentioned the departure of the church from the earth. This also is a very great moment in Bible prophecy and, like all of the others, will absolutely come to pass. As a matter of fact as you read these lines it is possible that the church has already gone!!  How would you know that it has happened? Well, for one thing there will be a great change in the atmosphere in every nation; this does not necessarily mean the physical atmosphere, although that also may be affected. It might well feel like a great release, a sensation of even freedom...however, don't be deceived! If it feels like freedom at the time, it would only be the freedom to do more evil, which would lead you into greater destruction! Jesus said to the church, "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid." (Matthew 5:14) In God's sight, the church is the illuminating power in the world because Jesus Christ dwells within it! If the church is the light bulb then Christ is the filament and it is He who actually gives the brightness. When we make our exit though, the brightness will go out of the world and the resulting darkness will be worse than it ever was before.   The church of the Lord Jesus Christ entered into history at a certain point 2000 years ago, on the day of Pentecost in the city of Jerusalem in Israel. At that time the Holy Spirit of God assumed His major place within the Christian, rather than on the outside as it had been during the dispensation of the Law. For the last two millenia God has used His church to evangelize the world; that is, to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to all nations.He has also used it to increase mercy and kindness in society in many ways and, in the beginning centuries and notably in the 20th century, to perform supernatural actions such as healings and deliverance from demonic oppression. Whenever and wherever this Gospel has been allowed free reign...which it often has not...unprecedented liberty and possibilities have entered into the societies and cultures of people. THIS IS THE ONLY REAL INNER CHANGE WHICH HAS EVER HAPPENED IN THE WORLD; EVERYTHING ELSE HAS BEEN ON THE SURFACE. ONLY THE GOSPELHAS  HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE HUMAN NATURE.

    However, God only intended for the church to remain on earth for a certain period of time until the nations had basically been told the Gospel and had a chance to repent and obey Him. That long period is just about over, it is in the very last finishing stage and could end at any moment. I mentioned that when the Christians depart there will inevitably be a big change in the spiritual atmosphere; however there will be a much more visible proof. Since no doubt millions of people will be involved from many if not all nations, that will be considered big news for some time and will not be kept out of the news media. Of course the truth will not be known and it will be considered a very dramatic case of missing persons, the biggest of its kind in history. The media may be somewhat slow in piecing together the story because it will be international in scope...but sooner or later, someone is going to notice that all of these missing people were Christians! Most likely this will point some to the Bible and Bible prophecy. However the ruling powers will not want to admit that the Bible is true, and so they will initiate long searches for the missing people in every nation, and those investigations will go on for perhaps a long time.

    But I will tell you the end results of those searches in advance: not one of the missing Christians will ever be found! None will ever be buried, nor will their bones be found anywhere on the earth. All those who have lived faithful lives to Christ will be directly translated into heaven...that is, they will escape death and their bodies will be transformed into immortality!!

    In Christian circles this is known as The Rapture, and some Bible verses which speak of it are: Hebrews 11:5, First Thessalonians 4:16-18, First Corinthians 15:51-53, Matthew 24:40-44, Revelation 3:10-11.

    If you don't become a Christian, you won't be participating in this blessed event




Yes, we can say that there will definitely be a Third Temple built in Jerusalem no matter what the odds may currently be against this happening. This particular passage is being written at the end of November 2009 and if I was going to go by what I was seeing in the news, I would not be able to believe that such an event could come to pass. However the Bible declares in at least four places that the just shall live by faith, and the church understands that this means faith in God's Word. There is a very important prophetic Scripture in Daniel 9:27 which has not yet happened but which we know to be in the near future. This concerns a certain world ruler (actually the Antichrist) who will be the head of the revived Roman Empire, which we have already explained. Contained in this verse is the information that this man will at a certain point cause the sacrifice to cease. You would need to be familiar with the Old Testament to understand what this means but it can only refer to the kind of ritual sacrifices which were offered by Israel much earlier in history, when the Law of Moses was in force. These blood sacrifices have not been offered for two thousand years but will be so again, when the Third Temple has been built. The logic here is that in order for sacrifices to cease they must first have been in progress and for that to happen, some kind of a Temple would be necessary as it was in former eras.

    In the New Testament we can locate another relevant verse in 2nd Thessalonians 1:4 which refers to this same evil person now sitting in the Temple of God and claiming to be God! This is the kind of insane behavior which will be seen on the earth after the church leaves. You don't want to be here when that happens! However it does indicate clearly that there will be a Temple in existence at the time. This will be the Third Temple that the Jewish people have dreamed of for so long. It absolutely does not mean a temple of another religion. The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans at about 70 A.D.and there has been no other Temple constructed since then in Jerusalem.

    If you are Jewish you will understand what this Temple means to Israel. It represents a deeply-held historical dream of days of power and glory restored, as in the times of David and Solomon. If you are not Jewish however you may well ask, "What's all the fuss about?"  So what if there is another Temple built? In response to that let me ask you this: why has there been so much fuss in the media about Israel .for so many years now? Israel is a tiny country, why then is it so often in the news? The real answer is a Biblical means the fulfillment of many Bible prophecies which relate to the end of the world and the end of the Church's mission on the earth. This is why Israel as a nation, Jerusalem as a city in Jewish hands, and the Temple are so vitally important.

    There is a big problem about this Temple though. Whoever you are please give close attention to what I am going to say about this. IN GOD'S SIGHT, THIS TEMPLE IS NOT LAWFUL! IT WILL NOT BE BUILT ACCORDING TO OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S PLAN FOR HUMANITY. The last blood sacrifice which was offered up in obedience to God's Will was that of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. This precious Blood was shed as a substitutionary death for all people; past, present and future. It accomplished for every person what the blood of animals could never do. After the death and resurrection of Jesus there was no more legal necessity for the Levitical priesthood or any sacrificial offerings to gain the favor of God. God now expected people to believe in Jesus for Salvation because all of their sins had been put on him and taken away by his death on the cross. Any attempt now to offer animal sacrifices to please God would be as useless in the present as it became 2000 years ago.

    "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (Y'Shua HaMashiach) and you shall be saved, and your house (family)" Acts 16:31.



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